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Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

I am momentarily distracted from the tasks of having girly-flu and buying up all the Wispa bars in Haringey borough ahead of Cllr Davies by the following discovery.

Focus Fodder retails a number of t-shirts bearing the legend “Lib Dem Blogger“.

But only, mark you, in the men’s range. Women wishing to purch-ase are limited to “working hard all year round”, venerating Paddy Ashdown as a sex god, or at best, being councillors. Pfah. Try harder, FF, immediately, lest you Feel My Wrath.

In other news, I am 55% right brained, 45% left, I am also 88% tortured genius, only 16% nerd (I demand a recount!) and my life is 42% off track, all of which make varying degrees of sense. Moreover, there is uncontainable excitement in t’Republic as we gain our first link from a search engine. And what were the search terms? “People are too boring” apparently. Hmph.