The Sustrans Connect 2 project has won the online voting contest for £50m of funding from the National Lottery. It’s a sustainable transport charity which works in partnership with local authorities to invest in and encourage the use of cycling and walking networks across the UK.

Astonishingly, I voted for it. Stuff I vote for never wins (sorry, Chris). I haven’t been this excited since my stellar execution of colouring stuff in secured me a fluffy Care Bear Cousins™ Braveheart Lion in the Epsom branch of John Menzies’ Care Bear™ Colouring In competition of 1985 (I wanted the sickly sea-green Gentleheart Lamb actually, but we all have our crosses to bear; kind of appropriate really).

Pragmatic, green, making use of local knowledge to improve local conditions both environmentally and economically – it’s just So Liberal Democrat, darling.


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  1. I had completely forgotten about that, apparently I never even linked to it in my normal “go do this” way either, but yey, this news has cheered me up.

    I was a little worried in that the others ere all good projects, but ultimately this benefits everyone, and thus is Good Stuff.

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