The Gospel according to Peter Hyman

This post contains savage irony. 

Peter Hyman, former strategist to Blair, has just been on Newsnight, explaining what is wrong with the Liberal Democrats. According to Peter Hyman, we don’t have an interesting political “story”. On closer examination, it emerges that when he says “interesting” he means “attractive to the other two parties”. According to him, we’ll only be interesting when we start “flirting” with the other two parties. According to him, no other politicians are ever going to be interested in us unless we are a bit more open to suggestion. That’s really what Nick Clegg needs to concentrate on, according to Peter Hyman, or else no-one will ever want to go out with us.

According to Peter Hyman, we are just not cool.

Oh dear 😦



  1. Best practise coquettishly slapping Tories with your fan and saying “La, sir!” then… Or is that not the sort of flirting he means?

    * headdesk headdesk headdesk *

    I think I’m going to become a hermit.

  2. Spot on, and it was vry telling that the Tory Finkelstein agreed with everything he said. They’d love us to talk about coalitions hen I hope that evern other LD shares my view that coalition with either of them would be like drinking from the ayatollah’s cup of poison.

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