Little did the Quaequam Empire know that when it loftily issued this meme this morning that it would quickly be challenged with a number of other memes from various rogue states and be forced, in all grinchy conscience, to abide by them.

I’m quite smug about this desktop one. My desktop has the impersonal clutter-free air of a hotel room. Absolutely no underwear lying around on the floor of the People’s Republic, oh no. And withal carrying a faint air of sadness. As if I could hit the road at any time.


The reason for this is that I am too poor and wretched to own a computer, and so normally use the guest account on my flatmate’s. If I’d been blogging this over the road at the library you’d have had Better Haringey pinging all over the screen.

And with that pithy socio-economic observation, I tag:

Rob Knight

Jennie Rigg

Peter Black

Julian H

Rob Nolan

Show us yer desktop! (clearing it up first is cheating)