Why Liberal Democrats have better skin

Lush, the natural cosmetics company, scourge of unnecessary packaging, unrepentant drawers of little smiley stick figures and manufacturers extraordinaire of Jasminey Things with Glitter in them need no advertisement, but I’m going to give them one anyway for once again bringing joy to my liberal and girlish heart.

Not only have they started using popcorn* in their mail order packaging instead of polystyrene. They are now offering a free face mask to customers who bring back five of their trademark little black plastic pots to a Lush shop for recycling. Lest this sound like a tall order to the uninitiated, I should explain that I have four nearly empty such pots in my bathroom right this minute, and so does every other genuine Lush aficionado. Aww, they really do care! I call upon the party to embrace this fine initiative and really differentiate itself from the dull, sluggish, oily-with-dry-bits Con-Lab consensus.

* I have made the mistake for you and it tastes of soap.



  1. I doubt you’ll find a lushie anywhere that hasn’t tasted at least ONE of their items LOL.

    * knew there was a reason you went on the default filter *

    Alo, can I claim credit for converting at least one party member from Body Shop to a PROPER green cosmetics company?

    * eyes the fiance *

    But now for the REALLY important question… BPAL?

  2. Ha! We spit on the Body Shop!

    Damn this new-fangled informationsuperhighway speak…

    Blue Porcupines Are Lethal?

    Breed Penguins And Lemons?

    Bollocks, People Are Looking?

  3. Lush is indeed wonderful – rarely is shopping such fun, knowing you are not only getting lovely products, but also supporting a company that sticks to its values.

  4. I started with their predecessor mail order company years ago – Cosmetics to Go.

    The shop I really love is their B never too busy to be beautiful spin-off (London, Leeds and Poole) http://www.lush.co.uk/IndexB.aspx – they even sell Smargadine Phytofoam, which is one of the old Cosmetics to Go bath products that Lush didn’t bring back. Bringing joy to my liberal and boyish heart

  5. Oh wow!

    “By utilizing our knowledge of homeopathy and aromatherapy, the conceptual theories of hermetic alchemy, and the aesthetic artistry of perfumery, we have mastered the art of encapsulating allegorical ideas into singular olfactory experiences.”

    What a find. You don’t get all that from Calvin Klein.

    Yes, I love B too and can highly recommend their eye kohl to you (male politicians being one of the few groups of men who get to wear make-up in the course of their working lives – hey, there must be a marketing idea in this. “Destroy Jeremy Paxman Fearsome Black Eyeliner”, “PMQs Smooth Concealer For Flawless Coverage”, “Fundraising Dinner Flattering Blush”…)

  6. All very nice, except I can’t actually breath in their shops and my delicate skin cringes and blotches even passing by. Nivea intensive care, now there’s a product.

  7. @ Alix (and indeed Duncan), I’d heard of BPAL through friends a few times before I met Jennie. They have a policy of sending out sample “imps” of other scents with orders, some of which end up being much more suited to men. She sent me a few of them, and I tried them a few times but not really my thing.

    Regardless, even my almost-non-existent sense of smell can appreciate the effect, it’s damn good stuff, and if you get one oyu don’t like, there are so many online swapping communities, very impressive word-of-mouth marketing.

    Plus they do limited edition runs of themed stuff, frequently Pratchett and/or Gaimen, which is nice.

    Lush is also something that’s grown on me substantially, they even have their own tag in my (admittedly massive) tagcloud, which means I’ve mentioned them more than a few times…

  8. Hmm, having consulted with my technical people I gather I have to be hosting my own site from WP to effect this, something which I have no intention of doing, much less paying for the plug-in. So unless you can tell me any differently I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep me on refresh. I get few enough readers as it is without losing all you folk who come back to see if your comments have been answered! 🙂

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