Wiche hande dostow employe? Sinistre or dextre?

Spurred by this post from Pink Dog and the subsequent comment about the proportion of left-handed people in the population at large (11%), and the possible over-representation of left-handers in the Lib Dem support base, I decided to run a poll. Unfortunately, WordPress blogs, or the idiot-proof ready-hosted ones I use, do not allow polls without lots of tedious Mucking About.

But, I sez to meself, Mortimer, I sez, stating whether you’re right- or left-handed is hardly sensitive information is it? Why not have a deeply literal Olde Worlde Polle whereby people – novel idea coming up – just write down their choice and at the end a little man in a toga comes and empties the amphora and counts them all up?

So I invite you, if you are or think you might be a Lib Dem voter/supporter/member, to state your paw of preference in the comments (yes, that includes you, Pink Dog), and we’ll see how it pans out. Of course, if you are worried by the distinct possibility that Jacqui Smith might be scanning my blog for information on cack-handed miscreants so that she can better enact policies against them, you can always anonymise and I won’t breathe a word.