Little extra treats on a Monday never go amiss. In culminatory order of squeal-inducement in the People’s Republic this evening:

1. Cadbury’s have brought out a year-round version of the Creme Egg in bar form (I know, I know; mind-blowing)

2. Time Team is doing a special on pre-Roman hill forts

3. The Liberal Democrats have published a  MINI GUIDE TO PARTY POLICY! Seventeen ickle-pickle pages with headings an’ sub-headings an’ everything! Let joy be unconfined!

I’ve been grousing about this on and off ever since I joined. It needs a link from the front page of the website asap but otherwise it looks perfect. I will be genning up and reporting back, and I encourage all other nerds to do likewise. Now that we’ve got the raw material served up to us in easy-peel form for our busy executive existences (or whaddever), we can have a proper discussion about what to use on the doorstep, what would work well if we all blogged about it at once, what little unexpected gems or oddities lurk within…

And above all, how best to slap the Tory blogosphere round the face with it.

We’ve shown you ours; now you show us yours. Oh, whoops. You don’t have any, do you.