L’il Pocket Lib Dems

Little extra treats on a Monday never go amiss. In culminatory order of squeal-inducement in the People’s Republic this evening:

1. Cadbury’s have brought out a year-round version of the Creme Egg in bar form (I know, I know; mind-blowing)

2. Time Team is doing a special on pre-Roman hill forts

3. The Liberal Democrats have published a  MINI GUIDE TO PARTY POLICY! Seventeen ickle-pickle pages with headings an’ sub-headings an’ everything! Let joy be unconfined!

I’ve been grousing about this on and off ever since I joined. It needs a link from the front page of the website asap but otherwise it looks perfect. I will be genning up and reporting back, and I encourage all other nerds to do likewise. Now that we’ve got the raw material served up to us in easy-peel form for our busy executive existences (or whaddever), we can have a proper discussion about what to use on the doorstep, what would work well if we all blogged about it at once, what little unexpected gems or oddities lurk within…

And above all, how best to slap the Tory blogosphere round the face with it.

We’ve shown you ours; now you show us yours. Oh, whoops. You don’t have any, do you.



  1. How come Tony Robinson hasn’t seen sense and joined all the other good eggs in our party?

    I know he had second thoughts about Labour over the Iraq war and Time Team has since shown a marked improvement in relevance and accuracy as he has developed a greater insight into the political and historical forces that shape society (hanging around so many sharp minds can’t have hurt).

    He even looks more at ease with himself as he has overcome his dogmatic adherence to 70s & 80s left-wing ideology, yet he only seems to have got the bit tighter between his teeth as his views have evolved and has begun to recognise that the true value of his work goes beyond simple or idle interest.

    Maybe he’d be interested in providing an impartial (but interested) commentary on our mini-guide? Even if it didn’t convince him to get active in our cause, I think he would provide good feedback.

  2. Oh, a debate – and me involved in it. Am quite worn out now ;o)
    I like the mini guide to policy; they produced the first draft in April and I’ve been sending the link out to members and supporters at every available opportunity since then!

  3. Thomas, there’s a brilliant idea in that! Wonder if we could persuade a bunch of public figures from outside politics of various affiliations (or none) to comment on it – page at a time, maybe. The aim of the exercise wouldn’t be so much “What do you think of our policy?” (although hopefully a lot of it would go down well) as “Help us bring serious discussion back to political debate”.

    Oh wow, I wonder if Bill Bailey would do it? 😀

  4. Hmm, yes maybe, but it’s overwhelmingly important to choose your public figures carefully.

    Credibility, relevance, eloquence, partiality, interest levels, sympathy quotient and career implications all limit the potential field considerably.

    Anyone too obvious or with previously well-established affiliation loses impact, while it’s also important to avoid contentious or divisive figues.

    To be a good populariser and reach a wide enough audience you’ve got to strike the right note between seriousness and the common touch – which is exactly Tony Robinson’s forte.

  5. I sent an e-mail to Nick Clegg after seeing him on the Late Edition highlighting the need to formally welcome, the obvious Lib Dem sympathiser, Marcus Brigstocke onto our membership. I think there are a lot of high profile public figures who are undoubtedly Lib Dem sympathisers, just regrettably few political commentators!

    The document makes a lot of the right noises, but it’s a bit aspirational and lacking on detail for my preferences. I hope that come the general election the manifesto goes into a lot more detail. The obvious reason why we don’t fully detail our policies is to avoid them being stolen without crediting us by our more highly publicised opponents; still, I’d rather a good policy be stolen and implemented for the good of the country than kept hushed up indefinitely until a hung parliament propels us into government!

  6. How about submitting it to the ascerbic insight of charlie brooker? he seems ignorant enough of us and angry enough at everyone else to be able to provide an entertaining and independent view.

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