We in the People’s Republic do not fancy mainstream morality much. We prefer inappropriate humour and stuff that is a bit daft. It looks as if War on Terror – The Boardgame, handmade by a couple of techies from Silicon Fen and described by A Customer as “Risk + Monopoly + political satire” is just our sort of thing. The creators promise that,

Playing it will bring out the nastiest, greediest, darkest, most paranoid aspects of your character

Right-thinking nasty, greedy paranoics everywhere will doubtless be as horrified as I was to learn that a copy of the game was seized by police at Kingsnorth climate camp last week because the balaclava included with the game “could be used in a criminal act”.

Well yes, of course. After all, it has “EVIL” written on it in big red letters. What else would you be planning to do with it?

They never miss a trick, do they, with their sophisticated intelligence-led policing methods.