Really. I’ve never said it before. I’ve never thought it before. But thank god for Boris.

Because if London was still a Labour city, if Boris was not chairman of the MPS, London’s women would shortly become guinea pigs in the trialling of – and I kid you not – targetted war on terror propaganda in hairdressing salons.

Who gets the pleasure instead? The only major city left in Labour hands – the city that will also have the dubious pleasure of “piloting” ID cards. Manchester.

From the Manchester Evening News (who, to their great credit have splashed this on their front page in today’s print edition):

HAIR salons could soon be in the frontline in the war on terror. Police research shows women are less likely to take on board security messages.

Now experts have pinpointed hair salons as the perfect place to target them.

They plan to show videos while women are having their hair done to encourage them to report suspicious behaviour on a special hotline.

Remember Children of Men? That futuristic dystopia, in which anti-immigratrion adverts encouraging people to inform on their neighbours are constantly played on public transport?

Can this be true? I don’t mean to imply any slur on the subs and fact-checkers at MEN, but really, can this be true? It’s grotesque.

It must be stopped – they must be stopped, this is bloody ridiculous. Campaigning trousers are going on. More later.