Minty-fresh new(ish) party member Mark Thompson asked this very question about Charlotte Gore a few days ago, oddly enough. But this morning he has a considerable claim to that position himself.

Here’s Polly Toynbee in the Guardian writing about – yes – the need for full constitutional reform:

Here’s interesting evidence: research by a political blogger about the correlation between greed in MPs and the safety of their seats. Of the 94 implicated so far, there were nearly three times more in the top quarter of safest seats than in the bottom quarter of most marginal constituencies. Seats where parties can run a donkey in a red or blue rosette breed complacency and tempt corruption. Nefarious practices thrive in any dark corners of politics unchecked by scrutiny or competition. Time for a constitutional revolution.

This is fabulous work. A few well-placed emails obviously go a long way. Three cheers and a People’s Republican Guard of Honour for Mark Reckons!

Of course, a cynic would point out that it makes sense for Polly et al to suddenly start seeing the point of electoral reform. Their beloved party is, after all, about to be crucified in the First Past The Post system. Since the government has proven itself incapable time and again of doing anything either right or popular, electoral reform is the only way left of reducing the coming Tory majority now. Expect to see more Labour affiliates weighing in on this one over the coming weeks. And Tory commentators finding lots of terribly good reasons why it’s a bad idea.