UPDATE: See below for David Heath’s important comment.

Here be a quote:

Not having any MPs speak against the Digital Economy Bill yesterday sent a signal, though, and not a good one. To me, it said the following:

It said that I can’t rely on Liberal Democrat MPs to speak up for Liberal principles, even when they’re party policy.

It said that as a party member I can do all the right things, jump through the hoops set for me to get my voice heard, and it won’t make any difference.

It said that Nick Clegg’s claims of about being anti-establishment, and of us being the party of real change, were empty rhetoric.

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(One thing I can’t understand about all this is why we’re not getting more flak from the opposition blogospheres. As things stand, our front bench totally deserves to get showered in shit and it’s just not happening. Total bloody silence. I mean, ok, the other two parties have respectively proposed the Bill and publicly indicated that they won’t oppose it, but when did rank hypocrisy ever stop any opposition blogger having a go at the Lib Dems? COME ON! WHERE’S YER BACKBONE!)